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"This area is important for our city."

Translation:Ten obszar jest ważny dla naszego miasta.

July 19, 2016



"Ten obszar jest dla naszego miasta ważny" was rejected here.

In another exercise the preferred word order goes: "Ten hotel jest dla mnie zbyt drogi".

Is it possible to explain why the adjective is better at the end in one sentence but not the other?

Thank you :)


I guess the difference is that "mnie" is a pronoun (better not at the end of the sentence), whereas miasta is just a regular noun (fine at the end of the sentence).


Can someone tell me the difference between miasta and mieście? Thanks!


miasta - here it is genitive case. ( plural nominative=accusative look the same). Genitive could be used for various reasons, here is is because of preposition "dla"

mieście - is locative case. It is used after certain prepositions. Most common are o=about and w=in (when talking about location).


Ok, so to clarify: it is the same word, just different cases? Thanks!


yes same word. Polish does this thing with vowels that they sometimes change from one to other or "e" disappears.


"Area" macie w tlumaczeniu także strefa. Dlatego zdanie. " Ta strefa jest ważna dla naszego miasta" - jest poprawne. Jest jedną z możliwości.


OK, dodałem.

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