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  5. "Hvad tager de i rente?"

"Hvad tager de i rente?"

Translation:What interest do they take?

July 19, 2016



If this is about the rate of monetary interest, "What interest do they take" is incorrect. A good translation to English would read "What interest do they charge?" or "What is the interest rate?"


The English really should be, "What is the interest rate?"


Does it refer to monetary interest? Presumably it is not the sense of "I am interested in music".


Yes it means monetary interest. False friend to German 'Rente' = pension, although you can see the connection.


Thank you! That tenuous connection was actually what helped me figure it out :P


Who are they? The banks, the investors, government?


It can be any body that lends out money and charges interest.

In Denmark the government only lends you money in a very limited set of cases, usually related to you getting a place to live, and they don't charge interest. Though investor are technically lending you money, they do not set the interest rate. So it can't be any of those.

The bank sets the interest rate on the loans the provide, so they are an option. But it could also be a quick loan service, or maybe even a mafia.

It can't be a single person, since "de" implies more than one person.


Is "rente" solely related to monetary matters?


Yes. Rente is monetary interest either as a percentage or as a fixed additon, e.g 2% per month or $20 per month. The interest you have in something is called "interesse"

"giver i rente" is related to deposits and "tager i rente" is related to loans.

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