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People In The Netherlands

What are people like in the Netherlands, generally speaking? Like, how would they react if I were to, say, accidentally bump into them, or if there is an odd man dancing in the street? Is there a certain way that Dutch people interact with each other?

July 19, 2016



There is a book called 'The Undutchables' about the Dutch people and culture written from the perspective of two Canadians. It's a funny written book and it gives you a lot of insight in the people of the Netherlands.If you want to know more about how the Dutch are, you should read that book.


Thank you for the suggestion, I will have to check the book out.


I think it depends on the person, some people just say 'sorry' but other will say 'kijk eens uit!' translated 'Look out'. It also depends on the state you are in! Hope i helped you!

(I live in the Netherlands)


I think you mean province. The Netherlands doesn't have states, it has provinces. (12 of them)


You did, thank you for the response.


I'm not sure about the first case but for the second, I think people mostly find it interesting. I met that odd man once and liked the way the people there act in such a situation, full of respect ^_^


It depends on the viewpoint from the culture of your own country, but for an American the Dutch can seem very direct. As in, they'll just say what they're thinking -- they have no filter. This can feel rude to Americans who aren't used to it, but it's not meant to be personal, it's just how they do. I lived in Japan for a year and they're pretty much the opposite of direct -- no one will ever tell you they have a problem with something you did or said unless you really cross a line. I found it frustrating at times, but it has given me some empathy for how we must seem to the Dutch.

Beyond that, I've found that most Dutch people, compared to Americans, are quiet, thoughtful, chill, and tolerant. Their manners also tend to be more formal than ours (as far as dress and behavior goes). Of course these are generalizations for how the majority of Dutch people seem -- you will definitely find exceptions.

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