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Anyone succeeding in timed practise (Polish)?

Hi, I'm getting a little bit frustrated that the time is passing so quickly in timed practise. Now and then I master six or even eight answers, but most times complicated words eat up all the time and in the end I am happy to have two answers right. I guess I have to change my keyboard to polish and learn where the special characters are, because hitting them with the mouse is really time consuming. Most times I know the answer, but I am just not quick enough.

What is your experience with this feature?

btw. I went through the tree down to Adverbs, but at the moment I am only reviewing while I am deepening the vocabulary with Memrise and the grammar with a book.

July 19, 2016



About Polish keyboard- it is easy. Polish keyboard is like American one. Special letters are under right alt+ the letter. Only exception is ź which is under alt+x.


It's not impossible. It's just a matter of 1) downloading the Polish keyboard and learning to use it, and 2) practicing even more so that the unfamiliar letter combinations begin to feel more natural, both in your mind and in your muscle memory (i.e. typing confidently). You can do it!


Thank you for your kind answers. I guess I will try the keyboard and keep practising. I'm usually using the German one (& Mac) and I've not yet found all special letters when switched to the Polish one – but I will just test them out systematically.


which Polish keyboard did you install. (where are y and z?, like in American or like in German?)

polska programisty - programmers - is most used one, and is based on American keyboard, all special letters are left alt + letter. https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klawiatura_programisty

polska maszynistki - typewriter's - is rarely used, and is based on old typeriters, which were based on German ones. I cannot use it. https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klawiatura_maszynistki


Dziękuję bardzo! This demystified my keyboard trouble: Apple provides "Polnisch" (which I installed), which seems to be the polska maszynistki. But there is also "Polnisch PRO" and this is really so much easier to use.

[deactivated user]

    Did you change the timing for Polish timed practice recently? I used to do pretty well, but recently I have had trouble getting more than a few correct. If I make one mistake (often just a typo by trying to type quickly) and if the next sentence is rather long and requires many special characters the time runs out before I can finish that sentence. That was not happening until a few days ago. I don't believe my typing skills have degraded.


    Frankly, I forgot that timed practice exists :D We sure haven't touched that cause we have no power over that, and I also haven't heard anything about Duolingo staff changing it.

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