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"The animal"


July 19, 2016



Does anyone know how to remember this word


If you are keen to the etymology, zwierzę is derived from Proto-Slavic *zvě̄rę̀ (“baby animal”)—of which is derived from *zvěrь (“wild animal, beast”).

From there, it can be traced further back to Proto-Balto-Slavic *źwēˀrís (“wild animal, beast”), and then to Proto-Indo-European *ǵʰwer- (“wild, wild animal”).

English fierce, feral, ferocious, and root therio- all trace back to the Proto-Indo-European root mentioned above, so those terms may help in memorising the spelling. :)


So i spell it like "is fiercen" X'D sorry i just found it funny i am a spain speaker and im trying to relate it to english to polish cus its a bit easy but weird for us the way how polish spells many words X'D greetings everyone keep the good job very uselfull coment btw ; 3


This isn't very well put together, because when you run your mouse over it it says 'ze' at the end, but then fails you and tells you that the end sould be only a z and no e -.-


OK, I think I know what happened. Generally, the basic word is "zwierzę". This option is the best one and definitely should be accepted. But sometimes there is some bug and the correct option is rejected.

Now, there is a word "zwierz" in Polish. It's not that neutral, and personally I wouldn't accept it. But this exercise is shared with "English for Polish speakers" course and they accept it. So it's also among the accepted answers for us.


I want to know what's the difference between zwierzę and zwierz,,,


"zwierzę" is the basic word for an animal.

"zwierz" is a bit poetic and is rather used only for big, wild animals, in a way it's closer to "a beast".


Zwierzak - where did this word come from? :o


You got such a correction/suggestion? That's strange... although it is a relatively common word, especially for a pet, but we do not teach it, we just accept it. It's not a form of "zwierzę", it's a separate word. Sounds a bit colloquial.


Most probably it's like a nice form of the world. In slavic languages there are a lot of them


How would you spell it with English phonetics? Zverzhe?


I usually think of that sound as being represented by "zs," and the specific reason is because of the actress Zsa Zsa Gabor (I believe the Gabors were Hungarian, if I'm not mistaken?).


I have the same question for IforGot2


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