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How does Duolingo make money?

I am entirely new to the Duolingo site. I haven't seen any for-pay services or advertisements, so I'm a bit curious what the business model is.

January 31, 2013



Wohee! :D I never came across this, thanks! ;) Ah, Duolingo people are just too awesome ;))


This is incredible, such a powerful mind


First off, that is outrageously brilliant and you guys are awesome. Secondly, is it safe to assume the translations are then sold to companies, and this is how duolingo maintains server costs, salaries, etc.?

I'm not trying to be all "grr, big bad company that makes money." I'm just curious.


Insane and completely beautiful!


Thanks for this! I had no idea!


This is literally a genius idea, i would have never thought about a business model similar to this one. Respect!


That's so amazing!!! Flipping the business model, imagine what we could build!


I know I'm a bit late to the game, but this outrageously good. Well played.


Nice system.Thanks to everyone contributed.


yeah, brilliant


Thanks for the link!


This is great. And I started thinking that a good way to pay doulingo back is by learning and it's actually beyond great!.


So, we are helping translate website like recaptcha did or make a better translator(?) that is great, this my first time to hear about it although I'm using Duo for years, but it didn't explain how Duolingo work in today's monetary-market system.

After I know this truth, I went to the "about" link on Duolingo web, it didn't talk about this project and it's hiring employee, so you Duos have some special fund from...?


In the forbes article it says:

Duolingo’s primary way to make money right now is through its web browser version, though 4 out of 5 users are playing on their phones. The company makes money by crowd-sourcing pieces of translation done by its students and selling them to companies like CNN and BuzzFeed.

No idea what that means in real terms though


They're selling data. Although, unlike most websites, it's not data we don't realize we're giving.


Amazing business model. But please also Consider to open for donation. I would love to buy you guys a cup of coffee!


Such a cool idea :D


I think its a pretty good model. It means in order to get paid they have to get the user to a certain level of competency.

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