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"Tôi muốn trở thành một cái máy tính."

Translation:I want to become a computer.

July 19, 2016



That's just sad.


With the amount of time people spend on one nowadays it's not as sad hehe. Another way of saying computer is máy vi tính. I like to use that to differentiate between computers and calculators (may tính).


Or just what german Students could say very often when learning english. "Bekommen" is german for to get, so there is always this funny confusion.


weird sentence


Anyone else hear an additional syllable in the pronunciation? Tôi muốn thở thành NI một cái máy tính.


To my years, it sounds like there is an "y" sound between "thành" and "một."


Maybe you just hear the "y" sound a lot...I noticed you hear it before ears. JK


Cyborgs, perhaps was the idea behind this sentence.. But that might be too complex for this community.

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This is just underhand. The hints say that trở thành means ‘become, be, get’. ‘I want to be(come) a computer’ obviously doesn't make sense, so the meaning must be ‘I want to get a computer’. Trouble is, there are no tiles for ‘to get’, and then the most reasonable thing is to try ‘I want a computer’, which conveys the same meaning. But it turns out to be wrong.


Yes it literally means "I want to become a computer". Some of the sentences are quite odd indeed. "Get" in this sense isn't to obtain something but to have something happen to you.


What does this sentence mean?


I want to become one also.. it's a paradise really!! So many naked ladies in there!

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