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"Az ebédlő a konyha mellett van."

Translation:The dining room is next to the kitchen.

July 19, 2016



ebédlő vs étkező ... any significant difference in meaning? Is either more commonly used? Regional preferences?


Étkező is more formal, but that's the only difference.


I would use "étkező" for the dining room/area in a home only. An "ebédlő" can be anywhere, for example, in a school. What you could call the cafeteria.

[deactivated user]

    Really tired of tranlations using "by" for "next to" or "beside" when translating mellet and -nal. "By" is rarely used by English speakers in this way. Tehnically correct I think but almost archaic.


    it should all be accepted. By is used in certain cases. Definitely not archaic.


    what about near for mellet?

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