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"Ĉu vi kutimas promeni matene vespere?"

Translation:Are you accustomed to going for a walk in the morning or in the evening?

July 19, 2016



I have a question why is the translation 'Are you used to walk in the morning or in the evening?' not correct. The word 'promeni' is an infinitive and I think it can also be translated to an English infinitive 'to walk' rather than a noun 'a walk'.


Because "are you used to walk" is not grammatical in english.

"Are you used to walking" is correct.


I would rarely use the word "accustomed" while speaking English.


Are you accustomed __ going for a walk in the morDing or in the evening? what an error



In other sentences, kutimas translates as usually. So would a better translation be "would you usually go for a walk...."?


Would "Ĉu vi kutime promenas..." mean the same thing?


In this context, yes, it means basically the same thing. :-)

"Are you used to walking in the morning or in the evening?" vs "Do you usually walk in the morning or in the evening?


Laux mi, vespere. Sed eble tio nur estas mi

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