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  5. "רוטב עגבניות."

"רוטב עגבניות."

Translation:Tomato sauce.

July 19, 2016



So this is another example of the construct form that we should be getting a little later, right? Literally, "sauce of tomatoes"?


Yes just like "tomato sauce" in English, only here the word order is opposite.


Yes those type of constructs (בקבוק מים/רוטב עגבניות) don't need ה because you aren't talking about some specefic tomatoes or water, but you are describing generally what this bottle or sauce contains.


By the way- the hebrew "R" its like the danish, not strong. so its lost sometime..


Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Hebrew R more of a guttural sound, as opposed to the more labial R in English?


Yes. Hebrew r is [ʁ], a voiced uvular fricative. English r is primarily alveolar (or postalveolar) though.


Is this the American tomato sauce, or the English tomato sauce (i.e., American ketchup)?


Well, קֶטְשׁוּפּ is used as a loan word, and it seems there is a standard for it in Israel (תֶּ֫קֶן הקטשופ הישראלי), so Heinz was forced to call it מתבל עגבניות tomato spice some time:


Osem ketchup is the best! (Actually, home made is the best!)


Rotev agvaniyot ?


Why is the r sound in רוטב not pronounced?


Suppose to be pronuced. Maybe its the record


Yes the hebrew "R" its guttural but not like the spanish or the russian one (I have no idea what the correct descripition for that). But compare to english, yes more strong...


The correct description for the Hebrew "R" is "voiced uvular fricative" (your vocal cords vibrate, it is made at/near the uvula, and the airway is very constricted). Think of it as a "z" sound, but produced way further back with the back of the tongue instead of the tip.


The Russian r is [r], an alveolar trill, same as Spanish double r. Spanish single r is [ɾ], an alveolar tap.


Many lessons do not have audio or written instructions. Just a number of english words to form a sentence.


You are supposed to read the hebrew sentence and form the translation with the english words. For example if you see הכלב אוכל you would type "the dog eats" or "the dog is eating" depending on the words they give you; both are correct.

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