"He will want coffee."

Translation:Bydd e eisiau coffi.

July 19, 2016

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Shouldn't is be "bydd e'n moyn coffi"? (Using the app and it was a pick the words type of exercise rather than typing)


There are two ways of saying "To want" in Welsh. One if "moyn" from "ymofyn" which is a verb and is primarily used in the south. Secondly is "eisiau" (and all it's forms e.g "isio") which is a noun which is used to express the act of wanting e.g the sentence above "Bydd e eisiau coffi". (Also note that since "eisiau" is a noun it does not require "yn/'n" in it's sentence construction unlike "moyn".)


That was what I thought, but the words I had to choose from was moyn and not eisiau, but no yn, so I was wondering...


Definitely no yn with eisiau, but it is needed with moyn (although it is sometimes dropped in slang speech).

edit - I have checked the course database and it had errors, now fixed. It may take a while for the corrections to appear in the live system. You may need to refresh your app and browser.


Nice, thanks. Let's hope Duo updates fast :)


The eisiau form is common throughout Wales, although the pronunciation varies a fair bit as explained in the Notes.

The use of moyn is a dialect variant from, mainly, south and south-east Wales where it is used as well as eisiau.

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