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Should i read the description part about rules or am i expected to understand all of it? Like those genders of the nouns etc ,or should i follow the execises and learn by instinct?I cant understand what they are explaining :D

I am in Krakow and im Turkish and i speak both English and Turkish very well tho im no more than complete starter at Polish and i have to learn it so i am up for some language exchange too at some point.

I need a guide for learning Polish i expect someone friendly to aid me on my journey ! cheers !

ps( i also need tactics about learning it since i am not in academic education for a long time)


July 19, 2016



Attack from every angle. Do the exercises and spot the patterns for yourself, and read about the grammar as well. The Polish Wikibook has some good information.


http://popolskupopolsce.edu.pl/kurs-jezyka-polskiego That's a Polish language class with different chapters and grammar focuses. There are also detailed grammar explanations, imo really helpful for an A1/A2 level.


I'm not in Poland but I speak Polish and can help you. I find that exposing yourself to as much of the language you're trying to learn as possible is a good method to quickly improve. When I first came to the US, I'd only try to interact with English speaking peers, tried to read books in English and translate, watch TV, listen to the radio etc. Polish language and its grammar is very hard let alone the pronunciation. Make some Polish friends locally and let me know how I could help you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmmh_tFZDYI ---helps with some Polish vocabulary, also I would recommend watching cartoons. Powodzenia! :)


Well i am here for 15 months and even worked in small jobs for 7 months but i know only basics and not enough to make friends :P i dont know maybe we you can guide me somehow or letter friend or somehow tell me what to do :D please help me find polish cartoons so i can learn like Polish kids, or if you know some polish movies with ENGLISH subtitles etc would be nice cheers.


For polish I use Duolingo and "Teach yourself polish" book and it's great, just that the book start with some complex vocabulary (in my opinion) but it helps me to understand grammar so I think that duolingo and the book are a great team


Thanks everyone!


Hello! I am from Poland.I can help if you have any questions.I am here to learn English.I think that polish language is hard for foreigners.That is kind that you want to learn polish.I wih you good luck:)


i left my mail to your wall please contact me as soon as possible throu my mail i wanna ask you where i can watch kids tv shows in internet and other advices cheers !

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