"Eu sou filha dos meus pais."

Translation:I am my parents' daughter.

January 31, 2013

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Where is the "a" in this sentence? To clarify: in English "I am a (or the) daughter of my parents" but where is it in this sentence - "Eu sou filha..."?

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    It's a Portuguese construction like "sou aluna no DL."


    "I am daughter of my parents" não deveria estar correta ?

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      Faltou artigo...the daughter!


      Achei que não fosse obrigatório, raciocinei assim:

      I am the daughter...(eu sou a filha...)

      I am daughter...(Eu sou filha..)

      I am a daughter (Eu sou uma filha...)

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        "She is the daughter of Bill and Mary." Definite article to identify a specific person.

        "She is a mother." Indefinite article to describe a mother. (mãe de quem?)

        Substantivo contável no singular precisa-se de artigo.

        Luizz is a Brazilian guy. Luizz is the Brazilian who says that he lives in a very hot city.


        In this day and age surely 'I am my fathers' daughter should also be correct...? '


        The pink won't go back up to let me to continue


        'I am the daughter of my parents' surely works here, right?


        I am the daughter of my parents' is correct, I reported the problem


        No... the daughter is A filha, the only daughter... daughter of someone is her affinity...

        Who is she? She is the daughter of them or a daughter of someone else?

        Quem é ela? Ela é a filha deles ou é filha de outras pessoas?

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          Who is she?

          She is their daughter (a filha deles).
          She is someone else's daughter. (a filha de outra pessoa)


          Thanks... I know... I tried to be literal from Portuguese...


          I am the daughter of my parents is very good english, isn't it?


          It's a technically correct grammatical expression in Standard English -- it's not something people would say. If there ever were occasion to express this idea ('the apple doesn't fall far from the tree' is the phrase most would use), you'd say, 'I'm my parents' daughter.'


          yes, without the apostrophe it's correct, I was wrong


          should there be an article in front of filha?


          It's not required, but you can put it. It changes the meaning very slightly, a bit like "I am the daughter of my parents" vs "I am my parents' daughter".


          Thanks. What would we do without you, Paulenrique, Danmoller, Vivasaurus, Erudis, and Davu?


          Except there's no difference in meaning between "I am the daughter of my parents" and "I am my parents' daughter". It's a slight change in style from a more native Germanic possessive to a Latinate prepositional phrase. It's a lousy sentence however you parse it.


          Is there a difference between "from" and "of" in these case?


          It is confused that you didn't mention 'a filha' in the question but request the answer contain 'the'

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            Generally, nouns that aren't modified by an adjective don't require an indefinite article in Portuguese.


            I am practicing Basics 1. This is the third sentence that has popped up that does not belong to Basics 1. What is happening?


            it would not accept " I am the daughter of my parents".

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