"She has a cow."

Translation:יש לה פרה.

July 19, 2016

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This made me laugh since the phrase "to have a cow" is defined as "to be very worried, upset, or angry about something" in Free Dictionary Online. Other sources also define it to mean to react very strongly and emotionally.

I assume that the Hebrew only refers to possession of an animal, but then again, it is one of Bart Simpson's favourite phrases and must be translated somehow. What is the Hebrew for 'Don't have a cow, man!'?


I don't think we have an idiom like that... the closest thing that comes to my mind is אֶבֶן נָגֹלָּה מֵעַל לִבּוֹ [e-ven na-go-la me-al li-bo] "a stone rolled from his heart" that means "relieved, got free from a burden, stopped worrying"..


What is the difference between חוזר and פרה? I can't get it


Hozer is "return". Maybe you mean Hazir? Hazir is a pig...


Thank you, i now realise the degree of my inaccuracy ))))


Can you say: לה יש פרה instead?


Even though correct, this word order is less common, because it implies a specific situation where you are stressing that she, unlike others, has a cow. The sentence provided to us doesn't call for any special emphasis, but is a simple affirmative sentence informing us that she has a cow.


Very clear, thanks!

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