"My dad does not like this shirt."

Translation:Mój tata nie lubi tej koszuli.

July 19, 2016

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We consider the word "ojciec" not only more formal than "dad", but actually even more formal than "father". We don't accept it for "dad", we do for "father" because there's no better translation.


Why is "Moj tata nie lubie ta bluze" correct?


You mean "not correct", right? Because there's only one accepted answer for this specific sentence and frankly... almost nothing is correct here.

"nie lubię" is 1st person singular, not the 3rd. It should be "nie lubi".

"tą bluzę" would be a very common mistake among Polish speakers... it should be " bluzę". Which is Accusative. And Accusative would be used in a positive sentence, but this one is negated, so it has to be Genitive.

And finally, "bluza" is definitely not a shirt, but what you wear over your shirt when it's too cold. Hard to find a right equivalent, but for example a hoodie or a sweatshirt could be called "bluza".

Don't worry, you will do better next time :)


It is difficult not to see bluza as blouse. Yes, it is sweatshirt. (I also see Wy as we and My as me...and ich as I, from German...Some of us are severe creatures of habit!)


How come it's not "Moja tata…?" Don't the endings have to match?


Because even if it ends with an "a", tata is a masculine noun, so it needs a masculine possessive pronoun (here, mòj). You can't have a feminine pronoun, like moja, with a masculine noun.

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