"Hello Peter, do you come from the order guard?"

Translation:Szia Péter, a rendőrtől jössz?

July 19, 2016

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What is order guard? you mean police. My Hungarian wife and I, both of us language teachers, have enjoyed playing about with this Hungarian course. Seems to us you are using us, and others, to perfect your course. but it`s still a long way from perfect. Meanwhile, if you leave it available, I will continue to work on the Hungarian, Turkish and Russian. Best wishes, Ted Jeavons


Exactly! That is what "beta" means -- that the course is not finished yet.

People who choose to take the course while it is in beta are "being used" (if you want to put it that way) to perfect the course while learning Hungarian. People who expect a more polished course would be better off waiting until the course graduates from beta.

So while it's in beta, please keep reporting odd wording or missing translations (not in the sentence discussions, but using the "Report a problem / my translation should be accepted" button that is available after a translation was marked "wrong").

Thank you for your help!


Order guard??? The heck?

Weirder than the fact that they forgot the word for policeman, it hasn't been translated literally up until now...


Yup, "order guard" is a new one on me too.

Mizinamo is quite right. We Beta users have assumed the role of guinea pigs and also something close to user level software critics. There are not many of us, but if we do our job well we can be part of passing a much better program on to the next generation of users. Since we use this program for free, we should at least give it the "old college try".

I sympathize with you language specialists who are frustrated with this segment of Duolingo. It is also frustrating to first time learners like me. It is obvious that the people working on this program have varying levels of language skills; especially in English. However, I think we should cut them a little slack. I spent the last 2 decades of my working life developing user level software. I know how difficult it can be and I also know how contankerous users can be. I hope the developers can withstand the storm. Maybe a little encouragement from us will help.


LOL -- it's not like "order guard" is even in use anywhere, since this Duolingo thread is near the top of the list if you search for the term.

It is useful, though, to see that the Hungarian word for police is related to the word for order (rend).

By the way, the Inessive Case lesson would have been a good time to introduce the phrase "rendben van"

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