"A bíró nem vár."

Translation:The judge is not waiting.

July 19, 2016

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Can be "referee" yet, right? Did anyone check?


Referee is játékvezető officially but also called bíró by most people.


Yes, referee and judge are both translated as bíró.


Referee is not marked as correct for some reason


referee and steward are accepted now, thanks!


How is judge a steward? Or am i missing something here, isnt steward like a serving position


A racing steward https://www.thebalance.com/racing-steward-125762 is also called 'bíró' in Hungarian. Do not mix with flight attendant stewards - they are in a serving position indeed.


It can be referee!


"Steward" is a very confusing suggested translation. I'd never heard of racing stewards until I read this thread just now, and English is my native language. I think probably the suggested translations should stick to judge or referee.


Ok. I've changed "the best possible translation" (this is how Duo calls it) to

The judge [is not waiting/does not wait/will not wait].

The solution with referee and steward has actually been suggested by several users of the course - so, that's why we included them as well.

Let me add that the sentence "A bíró nem vár." also lends itself to the interpretation "The judge is not a castle." (vár (noun) = castle). This is also accepted, albeit not as the best possible translation.

Thanks for your comment.


Thank you for such a prompt and helpful response!


There are several meanings of "steward" which fit biro - try the OED (learn English and Hungarian at the same time :-) )


I knew it would not be accepted, so I answered the above. But my reading of this sentence was also: "The judge won't wait (for you, so hurry up)." The correct grammar would be something like "A biro nem fog varni (te rad)" but when expressions like this were used, it usually was meant as a reminder that authority figures won't wait for you and you'd better be punctual. And so it was shortened to the simpler expression "A biro nem var." (Implication is now "..for anyone" so it's less aggressive and personal.)


How do you say "judge" as in to cast judgement on someone


"bírál" could be a possibility. To judge something during a competition then "elbírál". But when a judge casts judgement, then it would rather be "ítéletet hoz".


"the judge is not waiting" is incorrect; the correct answer is "The judge is not waiting"???


I've just checked it in the Incubator and I can confirm that Duo accepts your solution - at least in the desktop version.


Bíró has multiple meanings which should be reflected in the exercise. Context should be provided if a specific meaning is desired.


It sounds to me as if the first word was pronounced "bírú", the "ó" is in my ears like "ú" in "új".

Maybe I do not hear the nuances, like "nem" and "vár" have in my mind the same vowel sound, the only difference is that one is short (e), the other is long (á). I have written about this in another place.

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