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  5. "אני נותן לו שבועיים."

"אני נותן לו שבועיים."

Translation:I am giving him two weeks.

July 19, 2016



I give him a fortnight?


Sounds like a reasonable translation from an English point of view


A fortnight IS two weeks. Why is "I am giving him a fortnight" not accepted? The use of "fortnight", rather than "two weeks" often distinguishes the native English speaker from from someone for whom English is not their first language.


Is "fortnight" in common use, though? Is it not archaic?


Fortnight is certainly in common everyday use in the UK. So much so that the use of "two weeks" instead of "fortnight" would be a possible pointer to a speaker for whom English is not his first language. It is a little like saying "שתי שבועות" instead of "שבועיים" Another common English language pitfall is to say "two times" instead of "twice". We all understand exactly what is meant but a British native speaker simply wouldn't do it. However, the use of "thrice" to indicate three times is now considered old fashioned and is rarely used these days, except in literature and poetry. What the Americans do, though, I do not know. There are numerous small, but significant, differences between the two branches of the language.


Thanks for the info, that's a pleasant surprise to me.


You are welcome. I wish my Hebrew were as good.☺

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