"A nők tanárok."

Translation:The women are teachers.

July 19, 2016



Why for "A diákok fiúk" they accept "the pupils are students", but for "A nők tanárok" they don't accept "the teachers are women"? If is this case it should be "the women are teachers", in the other case they should accept "the boys are students" (it was not accepted for me), no?

July 19, 2016


"the pupils are students" is not correct

"A diákok fiúk." = "The students are boys." or "The pupils are boys." (a diákok is the subject, fiúk is the predicate)

"A nők tanárok." = "The women are teachers." (a nők is the subject and tanárok is the predicate)

July 19, 2016


1105632951, be sure to pay attention to which word has the definite article (a) in front of it.

June 6, 2017


I wrote this correctly

June 14, 2017
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