"Jego syn chodzi do przedszkola."

Translation:His son goes to preschool.

July 19, 2016

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Czy "przedszkola" może oznać "preschool?"


"Przedszkola" is plural (here: Genitive singular), "przedszkole" is singular.

What age is preschool for? I found information that it's for 2-3 year olds, and generally a child starts to go to Polish 'przedszkole' at the age of 3...


In the UK, we don't use "kindergarten". I think the direct equivalent would be "reception" class, but you could also use "preschool" or even "nursery" (this is what we called it in my part of the country but I'm aware in other places it's only used for the place where younger children (1-3 years) might go).


Zawsze pomyślałam że dzieci chodzą do przedszkola gdy mają cztery laty.


In the UK we have Primary School which is age 4+ iirc, but its not an accepted answer. Just want to check, is that too old for the meaning of this sentence?


Accepting 'primary school' would rather be confusing, as people not accustomed to the UK system will think of something completely different than a kindergarten, I presume.


Could 'primary school' at least be an option because there really isn't a suitable alternative in the UK?


If there isn't, there isn't. "Przedszkole" definitely isn't a primary school.

My advice would be to remember the simplest translations:

przedszkole = kindergarten

szkoła podstawowa / podstawówka = primary/elementary school

gimnazjum (non-existent now) = middle school

liceum = high school

It seems to me that this really is simpler than comparing the Polish school system to your own country's school system.


That's a useful list and a fair final point, but the issue raised by the "official" answer here (and not only here by any means) is the difference between the school systems of various English-speaking countries. Nobody talks about "preschool" here (Scotland). What precedes primary school is "nursery school".


Well, we accept the Scottish version here, but I don't think I can do much about all those school systems being different :| We used to have "kindergarten" as the main answer, but apparently it was problematic because in many places it's just one year and that would make it our "zerówka"...


in the us kindergarten is most likely in the primary school, and is only for ages 5-6. Preschool or nursery school (more rarely used in US) would be for ages 2-5 and is usually separate from primary school. Sometimes some preschools go up to age 6 and include kindergarten for the oldest group. I think przedszkoła would probably be best translated as preschool for americans--is that correct? And then zerowka would be like our kindergarten?


Yes, I believe so.


Jego syn chodzi/uczęszcza do przedszkola -
His son goes to kindergarten/attends kindergarten

Jego syn chodzi do przedszkola na piechotę/na nogach/pieszo -
His son goes to kindergarten on foot/ His son walks to kindergarten


OK, "walks" makes sense, added. Although it's strangely... literal.


I guess it makes sense in response to "Jak jego syn podróżuje do przedszkola?"


True, true. Although "podróżuje" sounds like translating "travels" literally... or maybe 'travels' is okay in this sentence in English?


I hear the wrong vowel sound at the end: przedszkole.


Why is there no line across the l in przedszkola


There is no Ł in any form of "przedszkole". I guess it's because it comes from Locative "szkole", which is the only form of "szkoła" that does not have it.


To THE kindergarden


It's accepted. Well, if you write it as 'garten'.

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