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  5. "אני לא רוצָה לתת לךָ את זה."

"אני לא רוצָה לתת לךָ את זה."

Translation:I don't want to give you this.

July 20, 2016



Isn't I give אני נותן? Is it an irregular form or some different verb?


Latet is the infinitive = "to give"


So it is irregular? Thank you.


Yes, irregular and quite unique.


תודה רבה :)


על לא דבר


It's on the "Tips and notes" section in the web. Unfortunately, we cannot read that section from the smartphone app.


You can open a browser in your phone or tablet, and reach Duolingo.com in order to read the tips.


how to get tips and notes: (The first two are my preferred methods)

organized by skill in one pdf for the whole course: https://www.docdroid.net/JnfmyEV/tipsnotesbackup.pdf

Replace your username where USERNAME is for information on your progress & the tips & notes: https://duome.eu/USERNAME/progress

The whole course tips and notes are here (and the site has one for each Duolingo language): ,organized by skill individually: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Hebrew

You can also get them on duolingo.com (make sure your browser is in desktop view/ mode so you can see the other Duolingo features like discussions & timed practice (the language clubs are only on the app though, but they are soon to be disbanded - instead many of us are using http://Discord.io/Hebrew and/or the Facebook Duolingo Hebrew learners group).

Anyway.... from "discussions" you can search for all the discussions in this course (like this one you're reading, as well as see general duolingo discussions). If you can't see discussions on the main screen once logged into Duolingo website, you're not in desktop view.


This is not correct English. The correct translation would be 'i don't want to give this to you'


Both are correct.

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