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  5. "Eu não leio nem escrevo."

"Eu não leio nem escrevo."

Translation:I neither read nor write.

January 31, 2013



While the given answers are grammatically proper, it is far more common for an English-speaker to say "I don't read or write." That should probably be an acceptable answer.


Nah you're somehow wrong and right. First off, "I neither read nor write" is a perfectly proper sentence. It is not, however, the proper translation for this Portuguese sentence, although it does have the same meaning. "I neither read nor write" is literally "Eu nim leio nim escrevo."

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Eu nEm leio nEm escrevo.


in English, the grammatically proper sentence is either "I neither read nor write" or "I do not read or write" -- "I do not read nor write" is considered a double negative and improper.


Please tell me that portugese uses nem naturall and colloquially! Unlike english, which uses nor so little and awkwardly that people arent sure it exists outside of computer programming.


Why will it not accept "I don't read, neither do I write?" That I believe is proper English, but they add an "and" between read and neither


Why is "i do not read nor write" wrong..


It is a double negative even though I put that as my answers. It was wrong. Mas eu entendo agora.


I answered "I do not read, nor write". Is there some grammatical error in my sentence?


I put "i don't read or write" which is correct English

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