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  5. "I have to say."

"I have to say."

Translation:Rhaid i fi ddweud.

July 20, 2016



Why isn't 'mi' lenited here? I thought that the preposition 'i' aways lenited the following word.


In informal use, both fi and mi are seen in this context - mi can resist soft mutation.


Oh, so fi comes from mi! I didn't notice, I thought it came from i, as in e -> iddo fe...


Because it's a pronoun though it is possible to say "Rhaid i fi ddweud". Remember in welsh we refer to them as mutations and specify which we are talking about by using an adjective i.e "soft mutation, nasal mutation and aspirate mutation". It's alright to use "Lenite" on here since the contributors and anyone who has done Irish will be familiar with the term, but most people in Wales would have no clue what you're on about.



..yeah I learned Old Irish first at uni, and then Middle Welsh, so when we did Modern Welsh we just used 'lenition' and 'nasalization' too. They're just ingrained in me by this point haha. I'll try to get it in my head!


'Mae rhaid i fi weud' is correct. Sa i'n gweud 'dweud' neu 'deud' yn eiriod. Gweud yw e ond cofia'r treiglad, felly -- weud. Mae is optional of course as is fe/mi. Find Duo a bit too restrictive and overly prescriptive, at times.


We try and stick to the patterns and vocabulary taught on the introductory and intermediate DysguCymraeg courses. There is no capacity to deal with all the many dialect variations and different language registers used in Welsh.

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