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  5. "Weź dwie."

"Weź dwie."

Translation:Take two.

July 20, 2016



So what is the difference between weź an bierz?


"wziąć" is perfective, so it's more like 'take' while 'brać' is more like 'be taking'.

Mateusz1898 is right that somehow both of these work here, but 'bierz' is more colloquial, true.


'Brać' and 'wziąć' both mean to take. Here I think 'bierz' sounds a bit more colloquial, but it really depends on the context.


In German it means "Nimm zwei". It is a candy brand here!


"Proszę cię weź dwie!"


"Na moją odpowiedzialność"


Weź dwie interactive software, inc.


So if you gesture towards a pile of objects and say, 'Weź dwie', it must be that the standard word for objects of that sort is feminine? Otherwise you would say, 'Weź dwa'?


I'm not sure if you can say that there is a 'standard word' for objects in Polish. 'Dwie sztuki' (two pieces) and 'dwie rzeczy' (two things) would fit this phrase, but 'dwa przedmioty' (two objects) wouldn't.

It actually needs the fit the thing you are referring to, that's why we accept all possible genders in this exercise.


So if in the given context you had referred to the things to be taken using a feminine noun, you would say 'Weź dwie'; if using a masculine or neuter noun,'Weź dwa'. And if no particular noun was salient in the context, you could choose arbitrarily between 'dwie' and 'dwa'. (?)


I think we'd know what we mean so we'd know the gender... but if for some reason that was not true, I'd treat masculine "dwa" as the default.

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