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Writing in the Latin script

I'm just wondering, you see the only way I can type in Ukrainian is by changing the keyboard to Ukrainian but I prefer using the virtual on-screen one (Windows 10). But whenever I actually use the real keyboard the on-screen one goes away. So, I usually type in the Latin script. Does writing in the Latin script seem weird?

July 20, 2016



It depends on what you mean by "weird." There is no official Ukrainian Latin script. So, writing a business letter or a job application in the Latin script is certainly weird. Although, we do use transliteration if the Cyrillic is not available. For example, in the old days, cell phones did not have Cyrillic and in the even older days some e-mail servers could not process Cyrillic, so we wrote messages and e-mails using transliteration. The problem with this is that many people make up their own transliteration forms, for example, they use "w" for Ukrainian "ш" or "y" for Ukrainian "у." Sometimes it is hard to understand such transliterations. Even if one of the many existing transliteration standards is used, it is still not easy to read lengthy texts, at least for me.


Well, Ukrainian is written in Cyrillic script, so I think it's better to use Cyrillic script. I don't use Windows 10, so I don't know how it looms like with Windows 10, but it'd be better to type in Cyrillic, because it's used in Ukraine. If you can't use Cyrillic on your computer, try typing in Latin and practicing Cyrillic on the paper.


As weird as reading English written in Cyrillic. гау ізі из ит фор йу ту андерстанд дгис? Даз ит сім страйндж? In the real world you'll never find Ukrainian written in the Latin script, it's very important to know how to read and write Cyrillic. Also, I'm not really sure I understand your problem. You say you know how to change the keyboard to Ukrainian, so why do you need the on-screen one?


I can't see the keys


You can keep an image of the Ukrainian layout opened at the bottom of your browser window, so that you can lookup the keys. This will also help you learn the Ukrainian layout with time.

![Ukrainian layout](http://www.cybermova.com/grafix/kbd_ua.gif Ukrainian layout)

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