"A fésűk a hálószobában vannak."

Translation:The combs are in the bedroom.

July 20, 2016

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This is another sentence that strikes me as just right for the course. It's a reasonable length, it's meaningful, memorable and realistic, translates cleanly, and it focuses well on the topic of the lesson. A good sentence for learning.

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Is there a different word for "hair brushes"? I always thought "Fésű" was a hair brush...


Hajkefe is "hairbrush." I think this course includes fogkefe (toothbrush) but I don't remember seeing hajkefe. And fésű is a comb, not a brush.


Thanks. I was wondering about this too.


The audio is cut off


Isn't it like

Comb = Flat item with exactly one line of tines, good for short hair or parting the hair

Hairbrush = the "larger" item with multiple lines of tines that also a bit further apart, good for brushing long hair (because a comb would get hopelessly stuck) ?

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