"Semmit nem találsz?"

Translation:Do you not find anything?

July 20, 2016



Not really comfortable with the order of the Hungarian words here. This would be typically said as "Nem találsz semmit?"

July 13, 2017


It would be nice to have the translation of what we hear after typing answer.

February 9, 2017


"Can't you find anything?" is accepted, but "Cannot you find anything?" is not. Do I miss something?

June 30, 2018


Yes -- if you want to expand the contraction "Can't you find anything?", it becomes "Can you not find anything?".

The contraction here acts differently from "verb + not" in the position in the sentence.

Similarly, "Didn't you see him?" is the same as "Did you not see him?" rather than "*Did not you see him?", and "Isn't that right?" is the same as "Is that not right?" rather than "*Is not that right?"

(* marks an erroneous sentence)

June 30, 2018


semmi actually means nothing , but in this sentence in english language they use "anything" as a translation

July 20, 2016


English grammar is the reason for that. There's no double negative in English, so in negative sentences nobody, nothing, nowhere, and so on turn into anywhere, anything, anywhere, etc.

July 20, 2016


shouldnt it then be "valamit nem talalsz"? unless your clued up on Grammer, this is like bloody mastermind

August 10, 2016


Hungarian likes double negative. "Semmit nem találsz?" means "Do you not find anything?"

"Valamit nem találsz?" is different: "Do you not find something?" as in "Is there a certain object you don't find?"

August 11, 2016


"you find nothing?"

July 1, 2017


--------- you can't find anything ? duo doesn't seem to want a statement when they've posed a question. in (american ) english, both of our responses would be a perfectly find question - if risingly intoned ! . . .

October 19, 2017


ok, so what does it mean? is it, for instance, like in a store, the clerk asks you if you need help finding something, or like an admonition, like, are you incapable of finding anything?

October 4, 2017


The second interpretation is correct, this is not a polite question. (I am native speaker of Hungarian.) A helpfull clerk would ask: "Nem talál valamit? Segíthetek?" or "Mit nem talál? Segíthetek?" or "Mit keres? Segíthetek?"

October 15, 2017


the best translation is ishana92 no more or less what the sentence is You should not make Hungarian for a foreigner too difficult

February 13, 2019
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