"The seventh car is not in front of the garage, but in the garage."

Translation:A hetedik autó nem a garázs előtt áll, hanem a garázsban.

July 20, 2016

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"a hetedik auto nem a garazs elott, hanem a garazsban van." should be accepted. "Is" can be translated to "van" so this translation is just as correct. Reported, btw.


A hetedik autó nem a garázs előtt van, hanem bent a garázsban. This too should be accepted. "Bent" emphasizes that the car is inside as opposed to outside, in front.


Still no reply about this after 11 months.


I'm guessing the word "all" means that the car is "parked" in the garage but can it not be left out. I left out the word "áll" and Duo did not accept it.


Oh dear... why dont I need a second elott one before and one after a garazs ?


why dont I need a second elott one before and one after a garazs ?

előtt doesn't come before anything; it comes after things. It's a postposition.

So you can have two if there are two things for it to come after, e.g. az előtt a garázs előtt "in front of that garage".

But there is no az "that" in Duo's sentence, so there's no additional thing for an előtt to come after.

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