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  5. "לא לגעת!"

"לא לגעת!"

Translation:Do not touch!

July 20, 2016



1) whats the difference between לגעת and לנגוע

2) can you use אל תיגע here?


There is practically no difference between the two, they just originate from two different places.

Yes, "אל תיגע" means the same thing. Although "לא לגעת" is more of a general statement (maybe more like "no touching") and is not addressing a single person like "אל תיגע" (which is in the second person imperative form).

So I think it might even be a better fit than "לא לגעת" here.


Do you ever use the word לנגוע? I thought that was the word for "to touch"?


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