"A negyvenedik kicsi, zöld madár is a fán ül."

Translation:The fortieth small, green bird sits in the tree too.

July 20, 2016



Birds happen to sit IN the tree, not on it. Sitting on a branch but IN a tree. Reported a while ago.

July 20, 2016


Perhaps the tree has been felled.

May 7, 2017


funny... This is how they say it. "On the tree" - might mean on the very top. Under normal circumstances birdies tend to hang out "inside" the tree according to anglo-saxons

May 12, 2017


------- well, maybe not "inside" the tree. rather in the tree . . .

Big 12 feb 19

February 13, 2019


Yes, "in the tree." You're right, I just used "inside" to describe the actual location of those poor birds... thanks for the correction, Wayne!

February 14, 2019


I think Evolita said so only to emphasise the difference between the Hungarian and the English expression.

February 13, 2019
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