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"Ils savent aussi porter un regard nouveau sur votre travail."

Translation:They also know how to look at your work in a new light.

February 1, 2013



this whole sentence does not make any sense in English...


There seem to be quite a lot of those in these lessons. Is this intentional?


Is the "how" just something I'm supposed to know or is there a structure in the French that spells it out and I'm just missing it? Is this some subtle use of "porter"?


It is something the english language requires: know + sentence Ex: I know her car is yellow. or know + gerund Ex: I know swimming. or know how + infinite Ex: He knows how to swim.


Okay, thanks. Two follow up questions: 1) How would I say "They also know to look at..." meaning that they know to take the action of looking (as opposed to how to look)? 2) What is the use of "porter" in this sentence?


2) 'Porter un regard' can be translated literally to 'bear a look' (look here is a noun). 1) I'll complete the sentence because it becomes easier to translate for me: "They also know to look at both sides of the road before they cross." -> Ils savent aussi DE regarder les deux côtés de la route avant de traverser. The 'de' makes the difference in french because in this case the 'know' implies they know they have to look instead of knowing how to look. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.


OK, how would you translate "They know how to bring a new (fresh) look to your work"? This seems to me to be a better direct translation, and is possible, say, when talking about advertising or fashion.


"They also know how to take a fresh look at your work." Duolingo doesn't like "fresh" but I believe it is the correct English translation.


Would someone tell me why "nouveau" comes after "regard" in this sentence? I thought the BAGS adjectives always came first.


that sentence's too long.

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