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  5. "Where are these jeans?"

"Where are these jeans?"

Translation:Hol vannak ezek a farmerek?

July 20, 2016



Lot of other sentences with discussion threads noting how Hungarian uses singular for all "pairs" of clothing items ... apparently jeans stay plural?


No, a pair of jeans is "egy farmer". "farmerek" are several pairs of jeans.


My first answer for this was "Hol van ez a farmer?" ... that was not accepted. Should it have been? In the English sentence, there's no way to tell if the speaker is talking about one pair of jeans, or several.


I think it should have been accepted.


Not accepted yet, but reported.


Make no sense. If the jeans are these, how come you're asking for their location? One edge case is that you're in a shop with a jeans sake picture asking for these jeans in the picture. Still, very edge case.

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