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  5. "Milyenek a fiatal lányok?"

"Milyenek a fiatal lányok?"

Translation:What are the young girls like?

July 20, 2016



This sounds a bit odd


Would "What kind of young girls?" work here?


No, that would be: "Milyen fiatal lányok?"


No, it doesn't — unless, of course, you aren't a boy approximately their age. I am also not sure how much literal is the meaning of young in English.


A "fiatal" is around 15-30 years old. Girls before puberty are "kislány". And "adolescent" is "kamasz".


Could you also clarify the difference between lány and leány?


Leány is a bit aged/literary variant, that's about it.


That changes the meaning of this sentence entirely! The English version comes across as creepy whereas if the Hungarian version means closer to 'young women' it's much less creepy...


Well, it's not straight up creepy but still, probably someone of their age wouldn't refer to them as "young". So, even if I don't imagine a prepuberty girl, I do imagine an asker significantly older, so that they have a reason to call girls "young".


many other languages (maybe all) do not mark these wrong, they remind you to write in the desired Language, and let you do over


What are "these", good sir?


this is not an appropriate phrase.


Would you mind reading the comments first? On one hand, "fiatal lány" actually isn't the kind of phrase you would use for a literal child. On the other hand, why can't we assume good faith and accept a goodamn sentence that asks for a general description (by adjectives) of a certain group of people? Why do we have to project our "mad world" assumptions to a basic sentence with reasonable vocab and grammar, without any context?

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