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"The apple is not falling onto the chimney, but onto the fence."

Translation:Nem a kéményre esik az alma, hanem a kerítésre.

July 20, 2016



az alma nem esik a kéményre, hanem a kerítésre



It's incorrect, because "esik" is negated instead of "a kéményre". If we only had the first part of Duo's sentence, your translation would be perfectly fine. But "hanem a kerítésre" makes it clear what has to be negated: the phrase that contradicts it, which is "a kéményre" here. So "nem" has to come directly before "a kéményre".


In this case the word order is important, because your sentence emphasises the apple "az alma" or falling "esik". In the original sentence the main emphasis is on the chimney "kémény", and for this reason we use the word order of the original sentence.


For fruits that are not supposed to fall far from the tree, apples sure do fall on lots of things these days...

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