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  5. "Я з'їм це завтра."

"Я з'їм це завтра."

Translation:I will have eaten this tomorrow.

July 20, 2016



Is it only possible to use the grammatical present tense to express future with perfective verbs? Would "Ya budu z'yisty tse zavtra." not be correct, or is it also possible? And what about imperfective verbs? "Ya budu yisty tse zavtra.", or is it also possible "Ya yim tse zavtra."? Thanks in advance :)

[deactivated user]

    Yes, зʼїм (z'yim) is the only possible way to form future tense for perfective verbs.

    For imperfective, you have several options:

    • using бути + infinitive: я буду їсти / ya budu yisty,
    • using infinitive + set of endings (1sg -му, 2sg -меш, 3sg -ме, 1pl -мемо, 2pl -мете, 3pl -муть): я їстиму / ya yistymu,
    • (dialectal: using бути + past tense: я буду їв / ya budu yiv).

    Їм / yim is the Present tense, and only the Present tense. Sometimes you can use present tense to talk about the future, but in this sentence їм sounds pretty unnatural.


    Perfective verbs are used only in future or past tense. Therefore, grammatically, it is the future tense and not present.

    As to your sentences:

    • "Ya budu z'yisty tse zavtra." -- Grammatically incorrect. See szeraja_zhaba explanation.
    • "Ya budu yisty tse zavtra." -- Correct. See szeraja_zhaba explanation.
    • "Ya yim tse zavtra." -- Sounds unnatural with this word order. You can say "Це я їм завтра" (present tense) to express a preplanned action that will certainly happen in the future in your opinion. For example: "Це я їм завтра, а це я їм післязавтра" -- "I eat this tomorrow and this the day after tomorrow."


    Ok, thank you very much for both of your detailed replies :)


    "Це я з'їм завтра" і "Це я з'їм завтра, а це я з'їм післязавтра" буде правильніше


    "Will be eating" is much more natural than "will have eaten". If an alternative to the standard "I will eat this tomorrow", it's much better to accept "I will be eating this tomorrow". I will have eaten this tomorrow is not natural in english.

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