"Piros, fehér, zöld"

Translation:Red, white, green

July 20, 2016

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... ez a magyar föld!


(vagy az olasz egyik, de az magyar egyik jobb)


....and further down when you get to verb prefixes.......
fel- fel- felébresztő!!!!!!!!! (Wake up!)

not to be confused with the noun élesztő which is "yeast"


Ah yes, the flag of Oman!


There must be well-known symbolic/historic meanings associated with the various colours of the Hungarian flag. I'm guessing, Red - for blood/bravery and Green - perhaps for the grasslands or fields? The White? Any historians in the room? Never mind - my break is over - back to the next lesson. Sziasztok!


' strength (erő), fidelity (hűség) and hope (remény)).' from red to green. But very few Hungarian would know the meanings. I had to google it, too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Hungary


such meanings are more often than not attributed ex post – the colours were in use for centuries when someone got the idea to make them mean something.


punk rock version (Right winger, reflects to the context of the early '90s in Hungary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yn0lOjhnc8c


Thanks for posting this link. I'm now fired-up to do another forty XPs!


I like Kárpátia's music but disagree with some of their nationalistic messages. It is sometimes not polite with our neighbours.


It's easy for those who don't understand the lyrics but like the melody - for instance myself. :D I listen to Kárpátia a lot in fact, mostly those more melancholic and slower songs, such as Ballada or Tábori posta. :)


Yes, I agree (I have lived in Vojvodina (they would say Délvidék :D) for several years, half of my family still lives there, so I understand how impolite some of those messages might be). But still, any band that sings about pálinka has my undivided attention. :D


In this case here is another pálinka song for you maybe it is not that well-known :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41uTpD8aJTU


Azta... now I'm thoroughly confused--I keep expecting them to make mentions of Newfoundland or Canada's East Coast! Ez újdonság számomra!


It's about the fall of Communism! My grandparents had to flee the country during World War II. This song was about national identity following the withdrawal of Communism.


Zöld is like Slavic zeleny


More similar, at least to me, to zolty. Unfortunately ;)


Zeleny and zolty are words with mutual origin. Primarily Slavic peoples considered green and yellow ones like one color with different shades. Hungarian yellow "sárga" is from Turkish sarı


One of the best albums of one of the best bands in Hungary!

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