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  5. "סליחה, יש לכם תחפושות?"

"סליחה, יש לכם תחפושות?"

Translation:Excuse me, do you have costumes?

July 20, 2016



Is the audio cutting out too soon here? I know people have reported this elsewhere and by the spelling I'm assuming this ends in an "ot" sound but the audio cuts off and sounds like it ends in an "oh" sound.


indeed, it sounds as if someone accidentally cut the recording. there is no such word as "תחפושו", and it should be takh-po-sot


I contend that there is an "ot" at the end. After practicing the pronunciation of some words taught to me by my uncle (who teaches from a Yemenite dialect), I've learned that those t's are sometimes so soft that it's almost more like a "th" .

An example would be "Shabbath." He taught me to say it with a soft "-th" , instead of a hard "-t" . Same goes for other words, like Sukkoth, HaMatzoth, et cetera. Mind you, I'm not saying this is how all עברית works. I'm just saying, just because you don't hear a hard "-t" at the end doesn't mean it's not there.

I can hear it, but I'm used to listening to a softer "-th" ending.


I'm a native Hebrew, if you hear the "ת" ending in that practice, I must say that אני מורידה את הכובע בפניך!

About the soft "ת" - the letter ת, just like the letters כ ב can be מנוקדת (with Niqqud) with דגש (the small dot in the middle of the letter - e.g. כֶּלֶב, there is a דגש in the כ). When ת is מנוקדת with דגש it pronounced hard, when it doesn't מנוקדת with דגש it pronounced softer, like the ת in שבת. That's why in prayers the letter ת being pronounced sometimes more like ט and sometimes more like ס. It is also the reason for the "wierd" pronunction in Yiddish - shabbeth (שבת), rahmunes (רחמנות). But in everyday modern Hebrew the pronunciation is wrong and lacking those diffrences (among the diffrences between חכ, טת, אע and somtimes even ה). The opposite ניקוד to דגש, btw, named רפֿה [ra-FE], it is marked with little line above the soft letter (like the פ in רפֿה). It is not in use in modern Hebrew.

Another big diffrence in pronunciation of Yemenits is the pronunciation of צֵירֵה (the two dots beneath the צ ב). Most people pronounce it like the Ashkenazic pronounction - "ey" - while the original pronounction of it similar to סֶגול - "e" - and that's how Yemenites usually pronounce it.


I hadn't noticed until I saw your question, but yes, I heard it that way too.


Three months ago you asked this and yet no one is around to clarify. C'mon, guys, we need to know!


Or, they should have proper audio recordings, since that is part of the language acquisition process.


Leave a flag message. That's what the flag is for. The comments are to learn Hebrew, not to correct technical support related stuff.

It's obviously an "ot" ending.


What kind of costumes is meant here?


Costumes of the kind worn at a costume party, Halloween and Purim..


Slicha yesh lachem tachposot


How would you say, "Do you have ANY costumes?"

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מה ההבדל בין תחפושת לחליפה?


costume, disguise - תחפושת

suit - חליפה

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