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"I am looking for writers in front of the school."

Translation:Az iskola előtt keresek írókat.

July 20, 2016



Is Én az iskola előtt írókat keresek correct too?


Yes, it is correct.


Any reason why "Keresek írókat az iskola előtt" shouldn't be accepted? (It changes emphasis to the search, of course.)


It's not grammatically wrong, but out of all the variants I can think of ("az iskola előtt írókat keresek", "írókat keresek az iskola előtt", even "írókat az iskola előtt keresek") it would be my least preferred one by far. Starting a sentence with a verb (except "van") followed by two or more objects or adverbial phrases just doesn't sound good to me. It would be better if you at least added an "én" in the beginning. It might also work as an answer to an appropriate question if you added "igen" in the beginning or something.

All that said, it should probably be accepted as it's not wrong, but (pronounced appropriately) "írókat keresek az iskola előtt" also emphasizes the search and sounds much more natural in my opinion.


It sounds like a decision, when someone makes up his/her mind and says "Well, I'm gonna go to the school and find me some writers." That is, this kind of word order sounds like a plan. Not always, but often enough.
"Veszek almát a piacon." - I am going to buy apples at the market.
"Írok egy könyvet a magyar szórendről." - I am going to write a book about Hungarian word order.
"Felveszem az új szoknyámat". - I am going to wear my new skirt.

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