"A mosdó a fürdőszoba mellett van."

Translation:The toilet is next to the bathroom.

July 20, 2016



In my experience Hungarians often like to have the toilet in a separate room from the bathroom (where you shower etc.), which might help make this sentence more sensible for those of us who aren't used to the distinction. The toilet (mosdó) might just have the toilet seat and a sink, whereas the bathroom (fürdőszoba) could have a mirror, a bathtub and a shower etc. I've even seen a toilet room with just the toilet seat, so you had to walk through the living room to the bathroom to wash your hands, though I imagine that's not so typical.

November 1, 2017


In the US we use the word "bathroom" to describe the toilet, though it could mean the regular bathroom as well. Funny, ha? So "where is the bathroom?" usually mean that you are looking for the loo, WC. The word Toilet is used to describe the equipment itself. Gosh this is getting too technical...

July 20, 2016


Why isn't "beside" accepted as an alternative translation for "mellett" in this case?

November 25, 2016


in the US "toilet" is the thing you sit on/stand over.... not a room, maybe WC would be a more delicate sounding translation? and I thought mosdo was "sink"?

May 16, 2017


This topic is rife with euphemisms, so a lot of things are not clear. But toilet can be used (maybe more frequently outside of the US, but here too) to refer to the room also and not just the fixture.

As for Hungarian, mosdó is more literally sink or wash, but similarly the mosdó can refer to the whole washroom; fürdő is bath, so fürdőszoba is bathroom; to be unambiguous, WC is the toilet fixture (interestingly, a loanword from English)

May 17, 2017


IME WC is the room (usually public). Also many Americans are unfamiliar with the occasional European habit of having separate rooms for the toilet and bathing facilties... Not sure if I've seen that in Hungary but I have in some countries....

At any rate it's not necessarily a good idea to make such fine distinctions for learners at this particular stage....

May 17, 2017


oh...just to be clear, by WC I am referring to the Hungarian word (or vécé) which seems to refer specifically to the toilet fixture and not the water closet/toilet room

May 17, 2017


I did not know that. In Poland (where I live) it would refer to the room (usually called toaleta and Poles are often surprised that in English toilet refers to the fixture). Off topic, I know, I'll stop now....

May 17, 2017


"Washroom" and "bathroom" are interchangeable words in English and therefore one need not be automatically marked as being an incorrect translation for "fürdöszoba".

July 28, 2017


Mosdo in the previous sentence was translated as 'lavatory' but in this one it is marked wrong. Is it ok?

October 26, 2017


It sounds like a reasonable translation.

May 14, 2018
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