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"I am not wearing boots, but sandals."

Translation:Nem bakancsban vagyok, hanem szandálban.

July 20, 2016



Nem viselek bakancsot hanem szandalt - should be accepted as well. Reported it. Boots also means "csizma" in Hungarian so there is another word to insert.


The word order is a bit unnatural. Either "Nem bakancsot viselek, hanem szandált" or "Nem viselek bakancsot, hanem szandált viselek/hordok". Yes, with this word order, I would repeat the verb (or use another verb). The reason: whatever is negated in the first clause has to have its complete matching counterpart in the second clause.

  • Nem bakancsban vagyok - "bakancsban" is negated. Hence, "hanem szandálban" is sufficient.
  • Nem viselek bakancsot - the whole "viselek bakancsot" is negated. Therefore, "hanem szandált hordok" is the counter-statement.


you can also say nem vbakancsot viselek, hanem szandált.


I suppose that the bakancs is a big shoe and the boots are famous Hungarian ''piros csizma.These words I know from my neigbourhood, Hungarians


Bakancs: hiking boots, construction workers' boots. Those "piros csizsma' are more like cowboy boots actually... close enough


I am sure that the bakancs can not bee a boot,and the csizma is a boot.Even in Serbian we use that word bakancs in the meaning of a winter shoe and workers shoes


Are "bakancs" and "szandál" always used in the singular?


I think it is an ongoing thing: to wear has many synonyms , I used "hordok" which is also fine

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