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"אין שום דבר מעניין בבית הקולנוע."

Translation:There is nothing interesting at the cinema.

July 20, 2016



please fix, as in america we say "the movies", not "the cinema"


You are right but being that exclusive it just doesn't seem right. Duolingo is not for Americans only.


Isn't theater the same as the cinema? Here (TX USA), I never hear people talk about "the cinema", but "the theater". Is there a different word, like maybe teatron?


in Hebrew Kolnoa is only where you see movies. And Teatron is where you see shows.


Just pretend the course is in England, that's the only way to understand it. It's 96% British English. Cinema = British English for movie theater


I agree with the "the movies" comments. In the US we can call it a cinema but it sounds a bit posh. We definitely say "the movies" meaning "movie theater".


I agree with everyone who has said that duolingo should accept either "the movies"or "the theater" instead of just "the cinema"-- which Americans don't say. I'm reporting it.


We haven’t used the word “cinema” in the US since we declared independence from the British in 1776!


Does it mean that the movies at the moment are not interesting? Or that there is nothing interesting in the building, for example no interesting design?


Should it not be IN the cinema?


The Hebrew indeed has ב which might make you think "in the cinema" but as EDI788785 points out, in English, at least, you'd think someone was describing something about the inside of the building. I think DL meant, "There's nothing interesting at the movies." No good films are being shown. BTW, hats off to 4kzaj for a 900-day streak! I thought I was dedicated. My 390 would have been about 600 but for a trip to Israel and a 3-day Jewish holiday (Rosh Hashanah+ Shabbat) , and my friends think I'm obsessed.


They don't accept "at the movies". They should.


If we're talking about what's showing at the cinema, a more natural way of saying this in English would be 'There is nothing interesting on at the cinema.' If anyone wrote this, it should be accepted.

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