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  5. "You like milk."

"You like milk."

Translation:אתה אוהב חלב.

July 21, 2016



This is you talking to a bunch of guys asking ''do you (plural masculine) like milk.

in hebrew we have אני = I אתה= You (mas) את = (You (fem הוא= He היא= She אנחנו= we אתם=You (plu masculine) אתן= you (plu fem) הם=they (mas) הן=they (fem)

Its wise to learn this before continuing as it will make it alot easier when duo gives you a sentence and you know if its talking about a man or woman or many people etc, as the sentence will change acordingly.


What is the difference between אוהב and אוהבת?


Ohevet is for female second person


actually, it is in female in ANY person (singular)


Ones female and once male


The correct answer as shown on the screen is: " אתם אוהבים חלב." "You like milk." Both the "you" "אתם" and "like" "אוהבים" end with "m" "ם" and "ים" respectively. Why is that?


Because it is the masc plural of אתה. I could have written אתן in which case the ending of אוהב would be אוהבות.


If that explanation is as clear as mud don't hesitate to say so.. I don't know your level nor do I even know my own, but we could muddle through it together.


It would be really helpful if the English sentence to be translated provided a bit more of the grammatical information. Like "you (m) like milk". Or maybe when you hover over the words, it could clarify.


In this exercises is not אתה


this course is getting too fast into plurals, female, masculin, before people get to know what the letters stand for soundwise. This one lesson should be divided in 100 lessons. If that is done, I will come back. Please let me know. Now I quit and see what Arab is like. I am really disappointed, since I have been looking forward to being able to read ancient sources.


I'm still confused. Help.


You can be ata, at, atem or aten. You should accept all the possible answers


I wrote the female version and was marked wrong. את אוהבת חלב


I mimiced the corrected answer but still do not understand the meaning. There were different words and only one said milk.


It is also אוהב, אוהבת and אוהבות


Unable to transfer to Hebrew key board


Couldn't it just say, "Y'all like milk."?


Is "אתם" For plural masculine And "אתן" For plural femenine?

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