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  5. "אני גר במבנה הזה."

"אני גר במבנה הזה."

Translation:I live in that building.

July 21, 2016



What's the difference between בניין and מבנה?


I think מבנה is a more general word. It can mean a hut or a house or a multi-flat building, or it can even mean a formation of birds, planes, people and so forth.


I agree. מבנה can mean any kind of structure, whether it's a building, a bridge or a monument. That's why I think the translation here isn't great; from the way it sounds to me, if he says "מבנה" instead of "בנין", it's probably to indicate that it does not fall into the category of a בנין.


Thank you. So would you use מבנה or בניין in this particular sentence? Does it make a difference?


I agree מבנה sounds strange, definitely not the word I would expect, and because of that, it brings to mind something that is not quite a house, like a ruin or a hut or something makeshift.


I think there is no difference. Maybe Mivne is for everything and Binyan is usually for the ones that are high.


Why not.. "I live in 'this' building"?


“I live in this structure” was accepted for me. In Hebrew, ‏הזה means either this or that. Even in English, if someone were to point out an abandoned hut that we were standing right in front of and said ‏אני גר במבנה הזה, either this structure or that structure is okay and natural as a translation.


Mivne rather means "structure"...


Why is " I am living in this structure" not correct??

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