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  5. "Gia đình tôi thật hạnh phúc."

"Gia đình tôi thật hạnh phúc."

Translation:My family is really happy.

July 21, 2016



I was marked wrong for "My family is VERY happy" (not "really happy"). Have reported.


I think Duo wants

rất = very

thật = really.


"Really" and "very" are synonyms in many contexts and seem to be here. Also reported.


If only they'd actually stick to that!


I have the latest version of the Oxford English Dictionary as an app. As much as I love you Duolingo, I believe that this holds higher authority than you hold.. regarding what is good English, and what is not. In the entry for "family" it says against the first given meaning "[treated as singular or plural]" If you accept the authority of this dictionary, then to be consistent, I think that you should keep your current answer "My family IS really happy" but also accept my answer (less prevalently used as it may be): My family ARE really happy.

I still like to try to treat collective-type nouns as plural when it doesn't sound silly. Plurals are disappearing.


It's a British vs. American thing. Here in California, "my family are" always sounds silly.

Of course Duo should accept both.


I think most people would say "My family ARE really happy."

Common usage.

Common usage trumps both duo and any dictionary.

Like David Crystal says, "There are no common mistakes in language, if it's common, it's not a mistake."

He's a really interesting guy and well worth looking up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Crystal


In British English using plural forms for groups is completely acceptable and this is common usage. In America, less so. But it should still be an acceptable answer.


Why don't we need cua here ? Shouldn't it be gia dinh cua toi ?


It would make a lot more sense to refuse very if they ever used really to mean actually. As they are used on this site so far, they should be completely interchangeable.


Does anyone else think that, "My family really is happy." is a better translation than "My family is really happy." if the meaning of the sentence is something like "My family is genuinely happy."?

To me, the 2cnd one sounds like someone is using 'really' as a synonym for 'very'. Additionally, the first sentence is not even accepted as a correct answer.

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