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How long will it take to learn Hungarian?

How long will it take to learn Hungarian?

I find it is quite hard to remember several words. I find even the basics a bit tricky.

Hope to retail a lot in the long term memory !

July 21, 2016



Well, considering that I started learning English as I was a child and still there are words that I do not know, I would say that you will never stop learning.

Though for becoming fluent, it is a very hard question to answer. There are many things that you may consider. If you are making classes, if you are practicing with native speakers, how many hours a week you practice.

For a general question, I would say that being fluent in a language takes in average about 5 years. But this only depends on you.


Hmmm, you can get quite far with daily practice in two years. Depends on how much effort you put into Hungarian though. You could also be stuck at basic level limbo for six years if you do not really practice it.


I feel sorry about the fact, that I did not learn it fluently when I was a child, allthough my mother is hungarian. I allready knew a lot but forgot as well after not visiting Hungaria for a period of more than ten years.

The famous swiss author Friedrich Dürrenmatt once said, there would be two very difficult languages in Europe: Portuguese and Hungarian. Portuguese itself would be allready very difficult, but Hungarian would be so difficult, that even just the portuguese people would not be able to understand it ;-)


Friedrich forgot about Basque I guess xD.


I remember about 150 words of Basque, while in Hungarian I remember ~10. I have done relatively the same amount in both, but for some reason Basque seems easier (so far). I would not go so far as to say that Basque is easy, but it is far easier than say, Hungarian, Turkish, Irish, etc. (to me anyway)


Around 1000 hours and you should have some fairly basic daily conversation level of Hungarian


Goodness that's a lot of work!


I have been self studying Hungarian everyday for about 3 years and I am still at a very basic level. I suspect that it will be another 2/3 years before I will be relatively competent.

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