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  5. "A garázs a ház mellett van."

"A garázs a ház mellett van."

Translation:The garage is next to the house.

July 21, 2016



So why it isn't "A garázs a háznál van."?


That would be "The garage is by the house." Mellett makes the two buildings neatly aligned, -nál makes it sound here that the garage is just somewhere in the house's vicinity.


Aren't "beside" and "next to" the same?


Pretty much, yes.


Why isn't it " The house is next to the garage"? I thought words like mellett are combined by the word before. So "the house is by.." - ... a ház mellett van


mellett goes with the thing before in the way that preposition go with the thing after in English.

So a ház mellett is "by the house", and ... a ház mellett van is "... is by the house".

mellett is right after a ház, just as "by" is right in front of "the house".

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