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  5. "Tŷ bach newydd"

" bach newydd"

Translation:A new toilet

July 21, 2016



Is ty bach the fixture as well as the room it's in?


After getting wrong anwers on two of these, I'm confused about the use of toilet, bathroom, toiled (not accepted as a translation for "toilet"), and tŷ bach. Does tŷ bach refer only to the porcelain appliance, not ever to the room?

At least in the US, bathroom refers mainly to a toilet facility. In a home the room would usually include a shower/tub, but the bathing option isn't a necessary part of the concept (despite the name).


tŷ bach is quite straightforward - it was the 'little house' at the end of the garden or wherever. Nowadays it also applies to an inside room with a toilet in it. In British English this room is also called 'a toilet' or 'a loo', etc

A room with a bath or shower in it is typically an ystafell ymolchi, even if it has a toilet in it as well. In British English this is typically a 'bathroom' if it has a bath, or 'shower room' if it has a shower but no bath.

Somewhere in all this is the 'washroom' in US English...


Out of interest, how does one say "small house"? "Ty sy'n bach" or something like that?


People on other threads have suggested 'tŷ bychan'.

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