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  5. "Tŷ bach newydd"

" bach newydd"

Translation:A new toilet

July 21, 2016



After getting wrong anwers on two of these, I'm confused about the use of toilet, bathroom, toiled (not accepted as a translation for "toilet"), and tŷ bach. Does tŷ bach refer only to the porcelain appliance, not ever to the room?

At least in the US, bathroom refers mainly to a toilet facility. In a home the room would usually include a shower/tub, but the bathing option isn't a necessary part of the concept (despite the name).


tŷ bach is quite straightforward - it was the 'little house' at the end of the garden or wherever. Nowadays it also applies to an inside room with a toilet in it. In British English this room is also called 'a toilet' or 'a loo', etc

A room with a bath or shower in it is typically an ystafell ymolchi, even if it has a toilet in it as well. In British English this is typically a 'bathroom' if it has a bath, or 'shower room' if it has a shower but no bath.

Somewhere in all this is the 'washroom' in US English...


Diolch, ibisc


BTW this one hasn't tumbled to 'loo' yet. I just reported...


Still not accepting it ....


In my Canadian English (Ontario) we say ' bathroom' for 'loo'. Other terms are 'washroom' and 'restroom'.

I used 'bathroom' here and was marked incorrect. Can it be added? Or is there a distinctly different word in Welsh for a room with a shower and bath?



Perhaps it's not accepted because Wales - if it's close to anything - it's close to England, where English English is used. English English does not use the word "bathroom" to signify what is in effect a "toilet", "WC", "loo" or "public convenience"... Ty Bach is only a toilet, NOT a bathroom. In English English a bathroom has a bath in it; or at least a shower, perhaps a washbasin as well and perhaps a toilet too, but a Ty Bach is JUST a toilet. And as Ibisc said some time ago, it means "little house" because before proper plumbing became widespread it would have been the little house in the garden/outside ... discharging to a cesspool or cesspit. It would - in short - have been the outside toilet - nothing to do with a bathroom.


Is ty bach the fixture as well as the room it's in?

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