"These are nice and new fridges."

Translation:Ezek szép és új hűtők.

July 21, 2016

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The word "jegszekreny" is not used anymore?


Not really, I think the official name is "hűtőgép" or "hűtőszekrény" as in cooling machine and cooling cabinet, although there's the joke my grandpa like, when we complain the food is hot: "Nem jégszekrényben főtt", but obviously, the joke is probably as old as him :D


You could also try "fridzsider". I wonder if that word looks familiar. :)


Interesting, my family calls it a jégszekrény as well. Because I learned Hungarian from my grandparents it's interesting to see how the language and accents have changed when I learn on here or visit Hungary.


Well, "fridzsider" should sound familiar. "Frigidaire" is an American brand name for a line of home appliances. The name comes from their early cooling appliance line of refrigerators and freezers.

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