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BUG: Mobile App - Streak

Hi - my streak is currently 30 days. I used the streak freeze a few days ago and while on the website it shows my streak intact, on my Android mobile device, it shows me as having only a 3 day streak. Can someone fix this bug?


February 3, 2014



The freeze only works on the web, and on the web, you only see your site streak. On Android-you'll only see your language streak and can't preserve this streak through the freeze. This is why you're seeing those numbers. Hope this helps clear up what you're seeing!


So... will this become more consistent in the future?


We are going to make these more consistent.


There are two kinds of streaks. One overall streak and one for each of the languages. The 30 days streak is your overall streak and at the moment you have a 4 day streak for spanish.

If you hover over the streak symbol on your profile with the old website design, you'll see your language streaks. The new website design might be different, I don't know.

The streak freeze only saves the overall streak.


The streak freeze is only good for 1 whole day ( 2 hrs ) of inactivity


I think you mean 24 hours :)
But this isn't exactly right. It freezes your streak for one day (midnight to midnight of the time zone you signed up for DL in).
Ex. If you practice at 12:05 am Tuesday and don't practice again until 6:05 pm Wednesday, you will not use a steak freeze even though you had 42 hours of inactivity. As long as your practice at least one time a day, you don't use your streak freeze.
(But none of this has anything to due with the issue at hand, but that question has already been answered)

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