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  5. "הילדה אוכלת אורז."

"הילדה אוכלת אורז."

Translation:The girl is eating rice.

July 21, 2016



The same as Romanian orez


The word for "rice" in Portuguese is "arroz", which sounds a lot like "rice" in Hebrew, dos anybody know if these words are related?


Yep! The oldest reconstituted root is Old Persian "vrinǰi" . That gave rise to Persian "گرنج‎", Arabic "رُزّ", and Ancient Greek "ὄρυζᾰ". That Ancient Greek word in turn gave Hebrew "אורז", Arabic "أَرُزّ" (yep, those are two separate borrowings), and Latin "oryza" (later "risus"). The Latin word is the root of most Western European words for rice: English "rice", German "Reis", Italian "riso", French "riz". But the Portuguese/Spanish/Ladino "arroz" actually came via Arabic "أَرُزّ".


How do you pronouce אוכלת?


Ha-yalda okhelet orez.


I can't quite figure out the purpose for the vav in the last word. Does aleph-vav together indicate the O vowel? And doesn't it need a diacritic mark then?


Yes. The aleph is basically the vowel carrier, and the vav marks the o vowel.


In both words - אוכלת and אורז - the vav alone represents the O vowel. In different words the vav can represent the U vowel, such as in אולי ("ulai" maybe/perhaps) and אולם ("ulam" a hall such as a dance hall or a wedding hall). So the alef does not determine the sound of the vowel represented by the vav.

The vav is an interesting letter with multiple uses, adding complexity to the language and challenges to our studies.


Many times sound o.


The intonation of the "voice" on this one is laughably bad.


البنت اكلت الأرز


the audio sound like the last word is ohel ? Am i mishearing it?


I couldn't find Hebrew in this dictionary


Did you click the link? It's definitely there, but Forvo is more of a pronunciation website than a dictionary. You can try these other websites for dictionary usage, but Forvo is still the best I've seen for pronunciation purposes.


Thanks for your time. I'm using Do it in Hebrew for my homework, but it asks me to pay for pronunciation. Finally I Found the word in Forvo. I Had to open it twice. Is there a better Hebrew keyboard? Thanks a lot.


I added Duo book to chrome, but I don't know how to use it. I'll be please if you give me some tips


If you've already restarted your browser, it should automatically change your keyboard based upon what's required in the exercises. Nothing manual needed after that. :)


I see, גברת תודה


Is important to have the possibility to go back on answers, when wrong


It would be nice if we could navigate around the lesson. Perhaps the page do not have enough memory, nevertheless is the best.


הילדה אוכלצ אורז.

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